About DWG

PlumbingThere’s no secret to how our company has been in business for four generations. Plumbing has changed but there is no substitute for old-fashioned hard work. A near-century ago my great grandfather was a plumber in Henry Ford’s first factory. After a depression, multiple recessions, health, and sickness we’re still here because we do honest, professional work.


Hiring Veterans

If you are a purple heart recipient we will find you a job.  Even if we don’t have a position we’ll tap into our network and find one.  Just call.

When exiting the Marine Corps I saw firsthand an issue that has plagued the veteran community for some time – many employers pay lip service to hire veterans but believe the military skill set is rarely transferable to private sector jobs.  Here we take a different approach.  The military does an excellent job of instilling the raw materials required for success- a strong work ethic, a good attitude, and organizational skills.  From that foundation learning a trade is simple.  If you’re a vet looking for a job contact us.

Hire Veterans